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Custom place the code of the widget

WARNING: The installation also requires technical knowledge and prior experience with Liquid code. If you are not comfortable with this, please request an installation

ATTENTION: Make sure to create a backup of the .liquid file before editing it

If you use the Pagefly app for your product pages you should add the code provided below with this app instead of adding it to the .liquid template

File to edit: Sections/ product-template.liquid (or similar e.g. product-form.liquid)

The widget can be located anywhere on the page

There may be such a case when there are two product forms in the product template, but only one of them is displayed on the storefront (the second is hidden). In this case, you can paste the code specifically into the form that is visible on the store-front (instead of the one that is hidden) and it will work properly

Code to paste:

Widget for the Bundled product's page

<div id="mbcBundleItemsWidget"></div>

Widget for the Quantity Breaks

<div id="mbcBundleVolumeDiscount"></div>

Widget for the Bundle page

<div id="mbcBundleItems"></div>

Updated on: 07/08/2023

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