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General Settings

In this tab you can customize the global settings of the app


Choose the preferred language of the app interface. It also changes automatically based on your store settings. Currently, you could choose:


Action after add to cart

You can choose where to lead your customers after adding a bundle to the cart: directly from a bundle page to the cart page, checkout page or stay on the bundle page

Automatic bundle assembly in cart

Automatic merging of all possible packages (not only those that were added via the widget). Does not apply to Collection type since this type of bundle will always be built automatically.

Show bundle props on checkout

Show/hide the bundle properties such as product variant, SKU, etc. on the checkout page. It is relevant only for the Bundle with own page -> 'As one product in the cart' Read more




Select the specific location where do you want your bundles to take products' inventory from. By default, it manages all the locations Read more


You can enable the widget placeholder that is displayed while the widget is loading

It also could be customized

Compatible with 3rd party inventory

The app works with third-party fulfillment systems by default. But in order to split the bundle into items where there is a "As one product" Bundle with its own page, you need to enable the "Enable compatible with 3rd party inventory" function.

If the order was not placed in the store's default currency, splitting will not work, so a new order with zero cost will be created. The order number will be the same as the original, only with the addition of the suffix A at the end:

The duplicate order is not taken into account in the analytics.

Combinations discounts

You could combine your bundles with additional Shopify discount codes as well as Subscription type discounts.

Important: for bundles that already have discounts, there are certain restrictions on the application of additional discounts. Please carefully review Shopify's discount combination policy

Shopify Manual: Combining Discounts

Updated on: 25/03/2024

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