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How do I remove the bulk of bundle text from the cart

In case your Combo bundle was set up with the One product at the cart option chosen, the bundle product properties are already hidden in the checkout:

but unfortunately, our app is not able to hide them in the cart since it is related to the store theme:

Nevertheless, you can use the bundle of the type Combo with the Multiple products at the cart option chosen or any other bundle type. In such a way, there wouldn't be such much text in the cart

The difference between the bundle types is described in detail in the article below:

Combo / By product / Mix&Match / BOGO / Bundle Builder advantages

Also, you can find the explanation for the One Product / Multiple products at the cart options of the Combo bundle in the following article:

Step 5: Bundle name, Bundle display on the Cart page, Tags, assigning to the Collections, Widget turn ON/OFF, Expiration period (Timer)

Updated on: 15/12/2021

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