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Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

A step-by-step manual for setting up confirmation letters via the Klaviyo app:

Install the Klaviyo app if you have not done it yet, and sign up/sign in.
Choose a ‘Flows’ in a sidebar of the Dashboard
Press ‘Create Flow’ in the top right corner

Choose ‘Send order updates’ in the ‘Browse by goal’ section

Choose ‘Order confirmation flow’

Create a flow

Edit the letter draft if needed, and publish it (Optional). If you do not want to send all confirmation letters by Klaviyo, but for orders created by MBC Bundles App only - press ‘Trigger’

To set the Trigger to work only after placing orders with the MBC Bundles app, it is necessary that Klaviyo works with any other order to pull the fields from them. You can create a test order for this.

Choose ‘Trigger filters’ in the sidebar

Create a trigger

Choose a trigger filter by field “Source Name’ and set up the value ‘equals’ to 3011557 (MBC Bundles App ID number)

As a result, you get the ability to send letters specifically for orders placed through MBC Bundles App (via checkout) with fully customizable templates.

Updated on: 18/08/2023

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