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Possible issues with the app

Bundle discount is not displayed in the cart

This may happen due to a compatibility issue of our app with your theme. In this case, there required an expert installation of our app to your theme. Please contact our support

The bundle does not appear in the right corner slider (Ajax) cart

Unfortunately, we don't support the Ajax cart for most of the bundle types so when the customer is adding a bundle to the cart, the 'View cart' button appears at the bottom of the bundle widget. Nevertheless, you can deal with this using the Bundle with own page -> As one product at the cart** since it can work with the Ajax cart More details

Bundle that is set up as 'Multiple products at the cart' is being processed as a 'Single product' and the inventory of the bundled products didn't deduct

This issue may appear when your store allows customers to buy products from the Homepage / Collection page / Wishlist etc. and a bundle is available there. Unfortunately, the app does not allow buying it in a way other than purchasing from the bundle page or the product page. If this doesn't help, please contact our support

The bundle discount is not being passed to the checkout or inventory doesn't work and bundle orders are not displayed in the app

This may happen due to using the 3-rd party payment gateways like Amazon pay, Google pay, Paypal, ShopPay, etc. Unfortunately, our app doesn't have integration with such payment methods yet

The bundle widget is not displayed on the page (customers are not able to choose sizes of the bundled products)

Please make sure that all the products that are added to the bundle have the status ‘Active’ (not ‘Draft’), available on the Sales Channel: Online Store and also viewable on the store-front. If this doesn't help, please contact our support

Bundle became out of stock

This may happen when some of the bundled products has been changed and it didn’t sync with the app due to Shopify API delay. Please, try to open the bundle for editing, and even without changing anything, press Save. This should help. If this doesn't help, contact our support

Updated on: 25/08/2023

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