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Release Notes: Jan 28, 2022

Release Notes: Jan 28, 2022

The MBC Bundles experience continually improves with each release, as our Product teams work to resolve bugs and regularly implement new features. To see the latest MBC Bundles fixes, features, and enhancements, check out the release notes below

New features

You often talk to us about the interface. Here are a few theses:
It is simple for someone like me who is not technical
It's pretty easy and clear to create bundles
you have a very easy and understandable interface

But this does not mean that we stood on a pedestal and decided to relax. We decided to go further and make something even easier and more convenient for you. I hope you appreciate it.

Updating the product selection step - Now you can see how your selected products will look in the widget. And also you can find the most popular combination strategies that we have collected from you. You can really combine products as your imagination allows

Combination Strategies Articles - Each of you has different strategies for combining products. We have collected the most popular and made short reviews How to do it

Bundles Update in Bulk - now you don't have to edit each individual bundle to change prices, names and other things. You can do bulk editing Read more


Settings: Discount field on checkout - Now you can disable this field if you want to prevent additional discounts from being added to bundles Read more
Settings: Warehouses for bundles inventory - Previously, we used to write off the balances in any available warehouse, now you can control this and select only the warehouse you need Read more

Updated on: 01/08/2023

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