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Release Notes: May 11, 2023

The MBC Bundles experience continually improves with each release, as our Product teams work to resolve bugs and regularly implement new features. To see the latest MBC Bundles fixes, features, and enhancements, check out the release notes below

Important updates

Pattern improvements. We have changed the patterns' descriptions, added statistics and detailed information to the pattern preview. Also, there have been numerous minor improvements, including sorting, layout, and others.

General improvements

Widget preview has been added to the Details - the last step of bundle creation. Now the interactive widgets are shown on all of the steps for your convenience
Subscription function added to the Quantity Breaks bundles. You can let you customers to subscribe on most of the bundle types (for bundles with or without bundle pages) using integration with subscription apps
Recommendations, AI Bundles & Upsell Block improvements. We have changed the description and added tags on the Dashboard. Also, changed the the action button and added explanations on the settings page
Props are hidden from the orders for bundles with own product page. Now you can see a list of items with specified variants instead of SKUs and variants' IDs
Massive inventory updates optimization. Manual inventory updates via Shopify import works better now.

Updated on: 01/08/2023

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