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Alert messages (Out of stock, etc.)

If one of the bundles has problems, you will see a notification on the app dashboard. By clicking on the button ‘Reveal the problems below’ you will be able to see the list of bundles, as well as the cause of the issues.

Enable MBC Bundles

NOTE: To work correctly, the app must be enabled in the store theme extensions

Out of stock

When some of the bundled products or variants run out of inventory and this makes the entire bundle become out of stock, you will be warned by a message next to the bundle with which this occurred and it also will show the list of specific 'out of stock' products with the ability to preview them

In addition, if the bundle have own page, the Shopify bundle page created by it will also become out of stock so that you can sort such bundles in your collections and the like

Sale price value not correct

This alert occurs when the price of the bundle exceeds the total cost of the products separately. This can happen if the prices of products included in the bundle were reduced after the creation of the bundle, and the bundle was set to a fixed price. The message also shows the maximum price that does not exceed the total cost of the products

Bundle component is not included in the sales channel 'Online store'

This problem occurs if one of the bundled products is not included in ‘Online store’. To prevent this problem, please make sure that all products which are added to the bundle must be included in the ‘Online Store’ and have the status Active.

If you have any problems with your bundles then our system will send you an automatic email that will include the number of problem bundles.

Updated on: 16/05/2023

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