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Bundle control buttons

There are several buttons on the app dashboard to manage your bundles.

Bundle pagination list and ‘Show all’ button

In the list of bundles on the app dashboard, you can see the last three bundles created. To see the full list, click on the ‘Show All’ button.

Here you can also use the search by bundle name, filters, and export bundles as CSV file. Learn more:
Bundles search, filtering and export

To return to the dashboard, click the ‘Return to Dashboard’ button

‘Activate/deactivate’ button

You can activate/deactivate the bundle by clicking the 'Selector' button, so the bundle's page becomes a Draft (for a bundle with its own product page) or the bundle widget stops displaying (for other bundles types) therefore customers couldn't view and purchase it

Note: There may be cases when the bundle becomes inactive for some technical reasons. Among these reasons may be:
One or some of the bundled products have the status ‘Draft’ (not ‘Active’) or unavailable on the Sales Channel: Online Store
Bundle's Shopify page has been deleted

If got an issue when the bundle became unavailable, but none of the above points helped, please contact our support

‘Preview’ button

After creating the bundle, you can see how it will look for your customers by clicking on the ‘View’ button

The type of opened page will depend on the type of the bundle you're viewing:

For the bundle with its own product page opens a page of the bundle itself
For the bundle as a cross-sell widget on the products’ pages - opens first of the related product pages to view the bundle widget on it
Collection type - Opens a page of one of the bundled collections. Then you will be able to click on any product included in this collection and see the Collection type widget on its page

‘Edit bundle through Shopify product menu’ button

When you make a Bundle with its own page, it creates this page as a separate product. You can edit it like a common product in the Shopify products menu

You can find this product in your Shopify products by the title (it will be the same as the name of the bundle) and by the product type 'Bundle'.
Or you can click 'Edit product' button', and you'll be redirected to the common Shopify edit product menu from the app dashboard.

'Duplicate bundle' button

The app allows you to duplicate an existing bundle so as not to fill in a lot of settings multiple times. You will be able to change only the needed settings of the duplicated bundle.

After changing the settings you need, just click the Create button at the bottom of the editing menu so you'll finish with it

'Bundle edit' button

To open the bundle edit menu, click on the 'Pencil' button in front of the bundle you want to edit. It's similar to the bundle create menu, but all the settings will be available on the same page instead of splitting into steps.

'Bundle delete' button

To delete a bundle, click the 'Delete' button.

To prevent accidental removal of the package, after pressing the button you will see a confirmation pop-up:

Updated on: 20/07/2023

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