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How to create MBC Builder?

Creating a Bundle Builder is a simple 3-step process: choose the page structure to display and add products, configure a discount, and include details like the bundle name and widget name.

Adding Products
Specifying builder details

Step 1: Adding Products

Begin by choosing the structure type for displaying products on the page. There are 2 types: single step and multi-step

In a single step, all the added products will be presented on the page as a seamless, continuous list.

Choosing multi-step implies displaying products in various steps, enabling you to categorize the bundle items.

Once you have decided what your bundle builder will look like for the customer on the store page, add products to your package.

Click ‘Add products’ button and add your products and product variants if needed.

If you have chosen a multi-step structure, then click 'Add step' to create several stages for selecting bundle products.

Select required products (optional)

You can specify which products are required for purchase by clicking the 'Select Required Products' button

Specify purchase conditions

Configure the conditions that make the bundle available for purchase, or enable your customers to proceed to the next step of product selection in case your page structure is set to Multistep.

Available conditions:

Price - more/less/equal/not equal to the specified amount;
Number of products - more/less/equal/not equal to the specified quantity;
Number of different products - more/less/equal/not equal to the specified quantity

You can add multiple different conditions.

Step details:

Indicate the name of the step and additional information in the description.

Once you have added your products and set up all the details you need, click the 'Next step' button.

Step 2: Pricing

Specify the discount that will be provided to your customer when purchasing a bundle. You could choose discount types such as percentage discount and fixed discount amount.

You can sell your bundle without a discount, just leave the discount value 0 in the discount field.

Step 3: Builder Details

At this step:
Specify the name of the bundle, which will be visible on the application dashboard
Specify the name of the bundle that will be available on the storefront for customers
Add all the details and necessary information to the description of your bundle

Once you have finished setting up, click the 'Create' button.

Updated on: 24/01/2024

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