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What is MBC Builder?

MBC Builder is a powerful tool for e-commerce merchants that allows your clients to create their own packages in a few clicks!

This impactful tool is designed to draw in new customers and boost both sales and the average order value. Here are a few reasons why:

Simplified decision-making process for clients. Instead of searching and selecting individual products in a store, they can quickly select a pre-packaged package that meets their needs on one page.

Customer Personalization: Pack builders can be designed to allow customers to create personalized bundles based on their preferences and needs. This customization can enhance the overall shopping experience.

Stock Management: It's a great way to move slower-moving inventory. By including these items in a pack builder, businesses can clear out stock while offering a deal that's hard to resist.

Obvious savings: Bundles offer customers an economical way to purchase additional items, as they often provide a discounted price on the bundle purchase. It's hard to resist such an offer!

Updated on: 24/01/2024

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