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Step 5: Add bundles details - Individual Widget Settings

‘Individual widget settings’ allows you to configure the widget for each bundle separately.

Widget turn ON/OFF

You can enable/disable the widget individually for each bundle. This setting works only if the widget is turned ON in the general settings of the widget in the Widget Setup tab

If the product has options, such as size or color, the widget on the bundle page cannot be disabled because in the widget the customer can select a product variant

Places for which the widget can be enabled/disabled:

Bundle with own page: product page, bundle product page
All other bundles types: product page

Widget title

If you are creating the Bundle with own page, then you can specify the widget title separately for the bundle page and a product page. For other bundle types, you can only specify the widget title for product pages since these type of bundles don't have their own pages (bundle pages)

Change the widget title on the bundle product page and add a description (subheader) (Available only for bundles with their own product page)
Change the widget title and description (subheader) on the product page (Available only for all types of bundles)

NOTE For a multilingual store, you can specify the name of the widget for each language separately. Just click on the selector next to the Widget title field

This title is displayed at the top of the widget related to the current bundle

Show related bundles feature allows you to show or hide widgets of other bundles that may contain the same products as the current one (Available for the bundle with its own product page)

Then you can switch to related bundles in the widget using the arrows on each side of the widget

Bundle priority

You can choose the order in which the widgets will be displayed on the product page. If a product is included in several bundles at once, you can set the priority according to which they will be shown in the carousel. The higher the number, the higher the priority. If you don't want to customize, just leave 0.

Product variant selected by default

Disabling this option prevents purchasing a bundle before choosing variants i.e variants are not selected by default, so 'Add to cart' button won't be working without selecting product options.



Enable integration with subscription apps

Enable integration with subscription apps - let customers buy your bundle with a subscription.

Show compare price

Show compare price if available - show the bundle based on the original (compare) price or sale price that is specified in the Shopify product menu.

When you put a product on sale for a lower price, you might want your customers to be able to see the original price, so they see the price comparison. To show a sale price in your online store, your product details need to include a sale price and the original price, called the compare at price.

Using 'compare at price' as a basis, the visible discount of the bundle will be higher

Start Date

You can use the Start Date feature to activate and publish your bundles at a specific scheduled time. It's perfect for big sales seasons, allowing you to activate bundles at specific times. Combine it with the 'Expiration date' for time-limited deals.

Expiration Date

You can enable an Expiration date (Timer) for any of your bundles and set a date and time when the Expiration date will end. It's a useful feature for marketing companies with the Shopify store!

You can set an action that will affect the bundle when the Expiration date ends:

The bundle will be removed from the store and app
The bundle will be set as unpublished
The bundle discount will become equal to zero

Then just click the 'Create' button and your bundle will be created!

Updated on: 12/10/2023

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