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Adding a widget via theme customizer

Now you can add the bundle widget to any page of your store using your store's theme customizer. This is more flexible management of bundle widgets in your store.

This feature is suitable for themes 2.0

You can enable the extension when you create your first bundle in the app during the 'Widget customization' step or in the 'Theme settings' in the customizer

If you are already using MBC Bundles and have Theme 2.0 installed in your store, this feature will be enabled automatically.

How to add bundle widget on the page

Open store's theme customizer

Click 'Add Section' and select featured bundle

Type IDs of bundles you need to display in ID field

If you need to add more than one bundles, add them one by one, separated by commas

Customize the widget to match your theme

You can also drag a section to the desired location on the page and add multiple sections

Updated on: 20/07/2023

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