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Advanced widget settings - widget customisation

Advanced settings - click this option to open advanced customization of bundle widget


Font size
Enable/disable uppercase


Show price - you show or hide in the widget
Text align
Total price color
Total compare price color
Discount color
Out of stock text color


Enable product link - you can enable or disable navigation to the product page from the widget
Enable variant title
Title color
Title font size
Title font weight
Enable price
Enable discount (%)
Price font size
Price color
Compare price color
Show variant image
Image border radius
Show stock
Stock text color
Stock text font size
Variant select border radius
Enable swatches
Template swatches
Swatches border radius
Option title color
Option title font size
Show description (for list layout only)
Text color (Toggle description)
Text font size (Toggle description)
Free (text color)
Badge qty (text color)
Badge qty (background color)
Badge qty (border radius)


Show/hide Review count Read more
Review count (font size)
Review count (Text color)

Enable custom button
Custom button text
Custom button event
Custom Button (font size)
Custom Button (text color)

Mix&Match products icon

Mix&Match products template

Mix&Match products icon background color
Mix&Match products icon

Custom multiposition icon (svg) You can upload your own icon in .svg format Learn more about .svg

Add to Cart

Show button on bundle page
Text color
Button background
Full width
Border radius


Price font size
Success message color
Error message color
Link color


Countdown title
Title color
Countdown color


Hide widget footer (Only for widget on bundle page)
Enable widget slider - Disabling the widget slider will allow you to display bundles in a cascade instead of a slider with arrow buttons

Widget background color
Border color
Widget border radius
Arrow color
Separator color
Show separator on mobile
Note in footer widget

Show/hide share links for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinedIn with the ability to put your own svg's


Custom .CSS input field

Updated on: 09/04/2024

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