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Widget customization

In this menu, you will find a lot of settings to make the bundle widget look the best and fit the theme of your store.

Basic Widget Customization

Widget Preview

Here you can see a convenient preview of all your changes:

Click on 'Skip to advanced settings' button to set up your widget

Widget style

After opening the customization tab, you can apply one of the templates, or create your own with advanced settings.

Color scheme - you can choose one of predefined color schemes or create new one

Show price view - choose one of price display options

Layout - apply one of predefined layout

Corners - choose Rounded or Squared corners

Widget title and CTA button text

Set the global name of the widget and the name of the Call To Action button. You can also specify an individual title for Upsell Pop-up separately from the main widget title

Global Widget display

You can enable and disable the widget on the product page or bundle product page (for bundles with their own product page) globally for all bundles in the app. When changing, this setting overwrites the individual settings for hiding the widget for each bundle. This will affect all bundles' types. If you want to individually turn OFF the widget for some bundles, you need to keep the global setting turned ON. Otherwise, the widget will be hidden for all of your bundles, even if you turn it ON individually.

Widget position

The easiest way to move the widget relative to the 'Call That Action' button:

You can move the widget to any part of the page, this may require some development experience: Custom place the code of the widget

Text for different language

You can use to translate your widget into any language you need. Learn more how to do it:
How do I translate the bundle widget

Text Settings

Widget placeholder

You can enable the widget placeholder that is displayed while the widget is loading

Advanced settings - Widget customization

Learn more about Advanced Widget Customization

Updated on: 09/04/2024

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