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To empower our Shopify users with sharper decision-making capabilities, we're thrilled to introduce an upgraded in-app analytics feature that sheds light on the performance of your bundles. Now, you can harness a wealth of data over customizable time periods, allowing for deeper insights into your sales strategy.

Here's what you can expect from this feature:

1. Top Selling Bundles

Patterns: Understand the patterns that resonate with your customers, enabling you to refine your future bundles.
Products: Identify which products are consistently driving bundle sales.
Date of Creation: Keep track of when your top-performing bundles were introduced to your store.

2. Top Selling Products

Bundles: Discover which bundles are driving sales for specific products.
Patterns: Uncover the top-selling patterns associated with your individual products.

3. Top Selling Patterns

Bundles: Find out which bundles are most successful for specific patterns.
Products: Learn which products are commonly paired with specific patterns.

4. Bundle Conversion Metrics

Impressions: Understand how often bundles are loaded and displayed on your store pages.
Add to Cart Clicks: Track the number of times customers add a bundle to their cart.
Number of Purchases: Measure the total sales generated by your bundles.

5. Key Indexes

Engagement Rate (ER): Calculate the conversion rate from impression to 'Add to Cart.'
Conversion Rate (CR) (including CR for each bundle): Determine the conversion rate from impression to purchase.
Click-Through Rate (CTR): Evaluate the effectiveness of your bundles with the total number of clicks divided by the total number of impressions.

6. Store Orders Metrics

Total Number of Store Orders: Get an overview of all orders placed in your store.
Orders with Bundles: Identify the number of orders that include bundles.
Share of Bundles in %: Calculate the percentage of orders that include bundles.

7. Rhubarb Metrics

General: Gain insights into the overall performance of your Rhubarb bundles.
Bundles: Focus specifically on how your bundles are performing within Rhubarb.
Share of Bundles in %: Determine the percentage of Rhubarb-related sales in your store.

8. AOV Metrics

Total by Page (Without Bundles): Calculate the Average Order Value without bundle sales.
Total Per Page (With Bundles): Measure the Average Order Value with bundle sales.
% Difference: Understand the impact of bundles on your Average Order Value.

9. ROI Metrics

Revenue Generated by the App: Calculate the total revenue generated using our app.
App Costs: Determine how much you've spent on the app.
ROI in %: Assess the return on investment for the app, with customizable date ranges.

10. AI Analytics

Rhubarb AI: Get insights into the performance of AI-generated sales.
Number of AI Sales: Track the total number of AI-generated sales.
Top 5 Best AI Combinations: Discover the most successful AI combinations, including impressions, sales, and Rhubarb insights.
Recommendations: Receive tailored recommendations based on your best sales, suggesting combinations you haven't explored yet.

With these enhanced in-app analytics, you have the power to refine your bundling strategy, optimize your marketing efforts, and ultimately boost your e-commerce success. Dive into your data, make informed decisions, and watch your sales soar. Happy selling! 💚

Updated on: 09/11/2023

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