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'Thank you Page' Upsell

Using AI technologies, the MBC Bundle Products team has created a new app feature for you that will allow you to increase store sales!

The 'Thank You Page' Upsell is a feature that allows eCommerce businesses to offer additional products or recommendations to customers immediately after they have completed a purchase and reached the 'Thank You' page, which is typically the page that confirms their order. This post-purchase upsell is typically powered by AI and can suggest related or complementary products to the ones the customer just purchased. It's a way to encourage customers to make additional purchases and increase the average order value.
This feature is designed to be easy to set up and can present customers with one to three product suggestions, with or without discounts, based on the store's popular product combinations. It aims to enhance the shopping experience and boost sales for Shopify merchants.

This feature is not specifically related to bundles created in the application, but works based on AI recommendations created by the application.

How to set up 'Thank you Page' Upsell in MBC Bundle Products

Go to Shopify admin -> Settings -> Checkout -> Post Purchase page
Select 'MBC Bundle Products'
Click the 'Save'

After completing the previous settings, open the Upsell menu on the app dashboard and set up offer heading and discount for your post - purchase offer.

Updated on: 12/10/2023

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