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Upsell popups

You can increase your store revenue and AOV using a pop-up upsell strategy. This pop-up window may appear after the customer has added one of the bundled products to the cart.

How to set up Upsell Pop-up:

Open ‘Upsell Popup’ menu in the app dashboard, clicking 'Set up' button
Change status to ‘Enable’
Set up the pages where pop-up can be shown
Set up the number and time interval of the pop-up window
Click ‘Save’ to apply changes

You can also specify an individual title for Upsell Pop-up in 'Widget Setup' menu separately from the main widget title

You can choose on which pages the popup will appear:

Product page - The popup will appear only on the product pages that are included in the bundle, one of the items of which a customer has added to the cart.
Collection page - The popup will appear on the pages of collections that include bundled products.
Cart page

You can also set up the number of additional appearances and the interval between them. This means that the popup will appear a fixed number of times on each of the selected pages.
After the popup is closed by a customer, it will reappear after the amount of specified seconds. If a customer refreshes the page, then the repetition counter is reset and starts over.

Updated on: 03/07/2023

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