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How to use additional Shopify discounts with the bundle

The Shopify discount complements the bundle discount (i.e both discounts, 'bundle' and 'Shopify' will apply)

Setting this up in Shopify is simple. Use discount codes or automatic discounts for specific bundle products. This strategy can be especially effective during big sales periods! You could increase sales, conversion rates, and AOV using additional discounts.

You can use additional Shopify discount codes with these types of bundles:

Standard bundle
Simple one product pack
Mix&Match product
Buy X Get Y
Buy X Get ONE Free
Mix&Match: Optional products
Product Variant pack
Mystery box
Custom bundle

Regardless of which bundle type you use from this list, the bundle display type in the cart must be As one product.

For example:
The bundled product worth $75
Bundle discount deducts a fixed price of $10. Result: $65
Shopify discount reduces the previous price (after bundle discount applied) by 50%. Result: $32.5

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Updated on: 10/08/2023

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