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Buy-more-pay-less bundle/Upsell bundles by RED-HOT 100

Samantha, Digital Marketing Manager at RED HOT 100, share with us their brand strategy to increase sales, especially during some hot holidays periods, like Christmas or Valentine's Day.

RED HOT started with the mission to rebrand the ginger male stereotype by showcasing ginger men as confident and desirable. This movement started in 2013 with photographer and fellow ginger, Thomas Knights. Now in its 8 years, with 17 calendars, 2 art books, an underwear line, and a global exhibition under its belt, RED HOT has positioned itself as the only brand in the world focused on the ginger male.

We have noticed that users very much prefer buying things in a bundle when they get a discount. Your app has been extremely useful and beneficial for us in order to generate sales. Especially regarding periods of high promotions, like Black Friday, or Christmas, and things like that. It was mainly just to push sales. We identify the most commonly bought products, we just created and presented it as a bundle to them to make it easier. We noticed that they would buy it together. It's a great way to promote and motivate customers to buy more products. We found that having the bundles on a separate page and having them go to that page actually generates more than us showing them the pop-up of the upsell.>

Our bundle sale strategy depends on whether we're doing promotion or not. The bundles that we always have on the website are combinations of our most popular products. We just create them as bundles and then depending on the campaign or promotion that we have currently in that season, we will create a bundle or not to try and push those products out. For example, for Valentine's, we sell underwear for men. We've created some Valentine's bundles, some love-related posters as well. Love-related calendars, things like that. That could be cute, as a valentine's gift, and we promote it. >

Updated on: 16/03/2022

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