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Сustomers' Suggestions and Inventory-based Strategies by Sonno

Sonno has been successfully using the MBC Bundles app for more than three months now: it is one of the most highly customizable bundle apps we've tried

Patrick James, a Head of Operations at Sonno Malaysia, shared with us their story, the results of using the MBC Bundles App, and the brand plans for the future.

Short Brand story and future plans

Sonno was founded in 2017. We started off with very few products, and after some rigorous R&D, we decided to break that segment. We added another mattress, at this point, we had about seven or eight different SKUs.
I have been here for about two years, and since then we have developed weighted blankets, bolsters, bedsheets, mattress protectors, and toppers... And so we are trying to diversify and have more items. But I think the most sort of item was the bedsheets. And that variation itself brings the number of SKUs close to 100 now.

For now, we are pretty much covering the entire Malaysia and Singapore. We have plans to go to other countries as well, we will have to start working on that plan.
Also, we are planning to look into the offline model. So we might be launching our first store - that might be a new beginning for many more others.

What bundling strategies do you use?

We choose products for bundles based on queries and on the inquiries from our customers themselves. So, when we saw that most of the customers were, actually, purchasing the mattress plus everything else, we were giving out mattresses, pillows, and bolsters during promotional campaigns.
Then we thought that during the off-campaign season, customers may also want the same thing. So rather than them calling in and trying to ask if there is a promo or anything, why not just put it there? So customers know that this is a bundle, it comes with a discount, and they go ahead straight and purchase them. Simple and great way to increase the AOV and make our customers happier.

Also, we haven't done that yet, but our bundle creation process will be based on inventory as well soon. So when, like for the current time, let's say, we have more bolsters, then we may try to do a small combo deal where we can push all of them through.

Are you happy with the results MBC Bundles brings you? What metrics do you use to understand if you have met your goals?

Yes, we are definitely happy. We built a beautiful page around it, and a story around it, so we're very much happy and also with the contribution from MBC and how customizable it is.
Regarding the metrics - we are still studying and still trying to create metrics on how to calculate the success created by the app. And we tend to see that customers actually don't want to spend too much time looking into individual products. So they just want to go see A, B, and C and straightaway add it to their cart and make the purchase.

For example, the Cuddle bundle, we had about 28 of them sold. The Cuddle Bundle is basically the pillow and the bolster that we really thought would be higher conversion compared to the rest of the bundles. But we also launched the Starter bundle that consisted of a topper and the bedsheet. It was sold in almost equal quantity as the Cuddle bundle. But revenue-wise, it was about 68,000 RM over there compared to the Cuddle bundle that only gave us 7,000 to 8,000 RM revenue. So, despite the purchase of being 28 for the Cuddle bundle and the Starter bundle, the last one brought us much more revenue.

Sonno Cuddle Bundle

Sonno Starter Bundle

We are still working on the metrics, but currently, we are just trying to analyze and see if we need to change certain products in the bundles or do we need to create something completely different.

What would you tell the customers who are just considering using the MBC Bundles app?

Do not consider - subscribe to it immediately! :)

Sonno Bundles

Updated on: 05/07/2022

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