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"Try me" strategy for bundle creation

What bundle is needed for? What is the best way to use it? Just for up-sell? Not only? We share with you the best cases of how it is possible to do.

Bundling is a marketing strategy where companies sell several products or services together as a single combined unit. It is a powerful instrument, The question is how exactly to create and manage bundles that are going to increase average order value.

There are lots of ways how to pair products into bundles. We watched how our customers choose the bundle sets for more than a year. Now we collect the best-known practices to inspire new users in creating their own unique bundles.

There are few popular strategies:
Frequently bought together - the most common way
"Try-me" set, which allows clients to select their favorite taste or size,
Bestsellers - based on products with the highest selling rate.
Inventory reduction

We will observe all of them for you to decide which one is suits better for your store mission.

In this article, we observe how our clients use the "Try-me" bundle set. In this technique, newly-launched products are grouped along with existing or popular (bestsellers) products as a promotion to help customers discover your latest product. This method is used by stores, which combine new products with their well-known merchandise to gain some recognition for the new product. Here are some actual examples from our customers

Adam Birkett, Co-Founder, and Lead Designer at CTRL, about their strategy how to use bundles in sales.

We launched just over two years ago.  In October 2019. And we launched with 20 serving bags of the drink. We launched with three flavors. The price point was quite expensive. So we realized that we needed to make samples as single-serving sizes so that people can try the products before they buy them. And then when we launched the samples, one of the things that we realized quite early is that we want to put them as bundles like we want to sell three of them with a shaker ball for a discounted price. And we really struggled to find a solution that worked for us.

But what we did use bundles for recently was a product launch. We launched a new sample, packed a new flavor in a small size. And instead of just launching it by selling one individual product, we sold a pack of three, a pack of 10, and a pack of three with another product. So that was really useful. That actually did really well for us.

Сolor-based strategy by Incylence

Maximilian Altenmüller, co-founder of INCYLENCE, a brand of sports socks with beautiful prints, for 3 years. INCYLENCE became an MBC Bundles user for several months. Since that time, they have had their own practice on how to analyze best bundle's work.

Once per month, we look at which bundles are performing well. That's great feedback for us. We also tested a bit like “two bundles work better if you put three socks of the same color” or is it like “a bestseller but different colors” but we concluded that they perform better when you have the same colorway. So people are running in blue shoes. They want three different blue socks, not blue, yellow, and red. Those are learnings we got from analyzing the sales via the MBC Bundle builder application. That is super helpful. In the future, we will bring out more products, not just socks, also other socks, and we will also launch again headbands that performed well at the beginning of 2021. When launching the headbands, we want to add more bundles, like a sock+headband bundle. So I think there's a lot more potential.

Updated on: 18/01/2022

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