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Inventory reduction strategy to prevent a mess in the product list by Subbie Supply

One of the worst confusions of any online seller, excess and slow-moving stock can prove to be a huge headache. Not only does this mean valuable space in your warehouse is unavailable, but it can mess up your cash flow. Attempting to sell it can divert your attention away from other vital areas of the business.

Bundling is one of the best strategies for inventory reduction and fixing this problem. Try to find products that complement each other well, or products that are similar to each other. Or mix products with slow and fast-moving products with an attractive bonus for your customers.

Tyler Johnson, the co-founder of Subie Supply co., shares his brand strategy of bundle development.

Subie Supply is a Canadian-run business based in Brantford, Ontario. Subaru enthusiasts, run by Subaru enthusiasts. We specialize in parts and accessories for many Subaru models. We aim to provide the absolute best customer service and buying experience to all of our supporters.

The main reason to use MBC Bundles app is for inventory tracking because we have a lot of bundles and stuff that we stock here, basically, before using the app, I had to go in and manually remove inventory from each individual product. But with the bundle app, I don't have to do that, just adds everything together and imposes mandatory for me. So it makes it a lot easier.


Updated on: 08/02/2022

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