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How Flo Dancewear used MBC Bundles to drive revenue?

Julia Morris, a Creative Brand Manager at Flo Dancewear, shared with us their story, the results of using the MBC Bundles App, and the brand plans for the future.

Flo Dancewear is the creation of Felicia Palanca who fell in love with ballet at the age of 4. Inspired by her time as a senior artist with the Australian Ballet, Flo Dancewear is a collection of beautiful pieces perfect for ballet class, parties, or twirling at home. For over 10 years, Flo Dancewear has focused on designing beautiful, super-soft, and functional dancewear for little dancers.

When asked about their clients, they described them as discerning parents, grandparents, and aunties with an interest in ballet and dance, mostly female. Their customers may have enrolled their child in dance class and are recommended products to purchase for attending class.

Regarding the plans and challenges of the near future, Flo Dancewear shared:

We have recently expanded our size range and are currently working on growing our range of accessories, which will present more opportunities for bundle products. A big challenge we are seeking to solve is international shipping costs and times - being in Australia presents its own challenges with trying to enter a global market.>

How did the idea of using bundles come up?

The brand decided to use a bundle application to equip little dancers with everything they need for dance class, from leotards to tights and shoes, all of which have different variant sizing and cannot be a set bundle. Flo needed the bundles to be customizable, and it was also a way to increase the average order value and volume of products ordered, encouraging parents to try a larger range of their products. They also needed the bundle application to work seamlessly with their warehousing partners' integration for the pick pack.>

What product combination is working best?

Flo Dancewear creates seasonal bundles and occasion bundles (i.e., starting ballet classes, concerts, gift bundles) to keep their product offering fresh for customers.

We also have our always-on bundles like ballet shoes and tights bundle, or multipack tights which are all year-round essentials for any little dancer - these are our most popular bundles. The best product combinations have proven to be those with essential pieces included.>

Did the MBC Bundles app meet expectations?

Flo Dancewear has seen continued success with their bundle products. Sales with MBC bundles in 2022 reached over $26k, and for the first quarter of 2023, they have seen continued growth. Bundles now account for 33% of Flo Dancewear's revenue, demonstrating the significant impact of implementing MBC Bundles app.

Since launching the MBC Bundles app, bundles now make up approximately a third of our revenue and are a useful way to offer customers incentives without having continuous discounts or sale periods.”“The app has definitely met our expectations, and we look forward to seeing further development of its functionality. We have also implemented the app on our other store due to its success.>

What benefits has the MCB bundles app provided?

MCB bundles are easy to set up and the support team is quick to help with any issues.>
Flo Dancewear team uses MBC bundles app to create a separate product listing for bundle products (which helps with promoting the bundles, SEO, and collections).

Once you add your products to a bundle in the app, it inserts a widget onto your product page which allows for variant selection and the customer to add the bundle to the cart. The widget is easy to customize to match your site, too. Packing slips can be generated as bundles or individual products, depending on your warehouse's needs. >

Updated on: 14/07/2023

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