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Matching products and a bulk-buy discount - the best practices to reduce stock and increase the AOV

VOXY Official: The MBC Bundles is a no-brainer for us - it is an obvious choice for your business in order of benefits

Alex, the Co-Founder of VOXY Official, shared with us how a lockdown baby has grown into one of the UK's leading CrossFit brands for women: their experience, plans for the future, and great results of using the MBC Bundles App.

A Brand Story

We are a women's sportswear brand that started in April 2020, at the time of the first lockdown in the UK. We are a lockdown baby
We came up with the brand idea while we were on an exercise fitness holiday in Thailand, where everything was bright, beautiful, fun, and engaging.

We originally started because my partner Steph (she goes to the gym a lot) noticed that it was dark, depressing, and just a bit sad when we returned to the UK and went to the gym in January compared to what we were experiencing in Thailand.
So we decided to build a brand that focuses on fun, engaging, lighthearted fitness wear with high-performance capabilities. So it is not just cheap crap - it is still the high-end fitness wear that brings a light aside to things that until now have not existed in the UK certainly. Over the last two years, we have grown quite a lot into one of the UK's leading CrossFit brands for women.

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But, also, our products are much broader than just CrossFit, so we have women who do all manner of different sports wearing our stuff, whether it's rugby, pole dancing, hiking, paddle, boarding, the list is endless.
Typically we see that the sports that our shorts most get used for are CrossFit and gym goers, but then it is wide. So, we have marathon runners, we have people swimming and surfing in them. It is just sporty, active women who are either outdoors or indoors. So it is varied, but it is the typical consumer base focused on those interested in health and fitness.

Plans for the Future

Our biggest plan for the immediate future is to bring more women into our brand.

We sell short shorts, and you got to be quite brave to wear them, so we want to focus on bringing out a range of more inclusive products that a wider range of women would be comfortable wearing. So, more leggings, longer shorts, more modest tops, and so on. So that's our immediate plan - expanding our product range to bring more women into the brand.

Also, we want to expand internationally a bit more. I would say about 70% of our sales are for the UK at the moment, but we know that there's a big market for our products in Europe, Australia, and North America as well, so we want to focus internationally.

Product bundling and metrics for its success

We combine matching products, tops, bottoms, socks, etc. into bundles.
The other one we do is we have a bulk buy discount for our shorts. So it's like buy three and get a reduced price. And that's actually been the best bundle we have done because we have so many designs that people often want to buy more than one. But if you're buying three, the price can get quite high.

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The bundling really helps people get more designs for a lower price, and obviously, it still remains profitable for us and increases the AOV significantly. So that's been really good.

Typically, to understand whether the bundles are successful or not, we compare orders for those bundles to the number of orders or the products they relate to. So if we're bundling a top and bottom set, we'll check how many orders we have for that bundle compared to how many orders we have for just the bottoms. And we'll be able to analyze whether or not the discount is attractive enough or the bundles attractive enough.

Regarding the bundling strategies - for some bundles, we will increase the discount more heavily if it's stock that we're looking to get rid of. And then the other strategy is to increase the AOV.

What is a perfect customer experience at your store?

Ease of use is probably the most essential thing for our customers. People have such a short attention span nowadays that if a website is a little bit confusing, they are going to leave it straight away. Our website needs to be as clear and seamless as possible, and they need to be able to find what they are looking for as quickly as possible. So we need to have our products, bundles, apps, etc., just making sure that the website is as easy to navigate as possible, and then our customers will be happy.

Are you happy with the results MBC Bundles brings you?

Yeah, we are definitely happy with how it works. We are happy, our customers are happy that they can pick up matching products or use bulk discounts.
I was looking at the stats today - we have definitely noticed an increase, it is hard to pinpoint what that was exactly, but I would say it was around a 10% immediate uplift on the overall store AOV. We generated about £50,000 this year via the app and bundling. That is obviously a great result. It has been very good for us.

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What would you tell our potential customers who are just considering using the MBC Bundles app?

For us, it is a no-brainer. It is an obvious choice for your business. Just the benefits, there are so many of them. Obviously, we have spoken about increasing AOV, which is enormous. It gets more of your products into your customers' hands, obviously, in terms of brand awareness the more products you have out there, the better. Also, it just gives customers what they want.

Everyone's a winner from it. As a brand, you're getting a higher AOV, and as a customer, you are getting more products for a better price. So for us, it's a complete no-brainer.

Updated on: 13/01/2023

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