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Mix & Match Packs of undies have been a much better seller for us than sets of paired individual products! By Nala

Nala: 10% of our sales include the bundles, that's a significant amount of our revenue!

Nala is a new underwear brand from Australia that launched at the end of 2022. We met with Phil, a Nala co-founder, and he shared their story, vision, and plans for the future.
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Brand Story and future plans

My wife Chloe and I created Nala about 18 months ago and only launched it late last year. We felt that underwear had become boring in Australia, and there was an opportunity to create a fun brand that was sustainable, affordable, inclusive but that makes really high-quality products at an affordable price. And that is where Nala was created.

Four main principles of the Brand are non-negotiable:
Comfy AF - Comfort that should be balanced with style. To feel bold, to feel sexy, to feel seen.
Affordable, but quality
A brand for everyone - Nala is a brand that represents inclusivity. Gender. Race. Size. It doesn’t matter.
Sustainability - Nala team is continuously searching for more ethical innovations to update the offerings - whether it’s the product, packaging, or the people who are making them.

A brand for everyone

At its core, this is a brand that represents inclusivity. Gender. Race. Size. It doesn’t matter. Our products are designed to serve a femme look but can be worn by anyone - women, men, and gender-diverse folx. We’ve got your back, and your bums, and any other bits you were born with.

Nala Pride Collection

If we are talking about our customers, they are 25 to 45 years old Australians, mostly women. We have some gender-neutral products as well, suitable for men, trans women, or non-binary folx. We also have younger customers and older ones, but that is the average persona.

As for our big plans - we want to become the biggest underwear company in Australia. That's the aim!

Also, we've got lots of new products that we want to go live with this year and lots of new colors. So, that's exciting for our customers that really love what we did with our initial range, but we're going to grow and expand it a lot more. I think we have done a really good job of creating products that solve problems for people. And so you'll see more of that.

Bundling and Customer experience

Nala bundles are a bit different from what most MBC Bundles customers are used to.
We are creating not just regular sets but Mix&Match Packs. It required some initial expert dev work, but the result was worth it.
If you go into a regular offline retail store, you'll often see underwear sold in packs, and you can mix and match and do all these fun kinds of things with it. And then, when we looked online - there was no one doing that! So, we felt that there was an exciting opportunity to be able to give customers that same experience that they're used to in retail but bringing it online. So, the fact that someone could order one pink G string, five black high-waisted undies, and then four more bikinis and get a ten-pieces pack in different sizes - we think it's pretty cool, and our customers have really enjoyed that.

So we've got two types of bundles. One is, as I have already mentioned, you can build your own pack, and if you buy multiple of any of our underwear, three, five, or ten pieces pack, you get a discount. And we've also got a set where we've paired individual products together. Our packs (that are integrated into the individual products) are much more successful and much better sellers than our sets.

3 Pack High Cut Brief

For now, I'd say approximately 10% of our sales include bundles. And to be honest, it could be higher if we promoted it better. We're a new brand, and, for sure, we can make that 10% up to 20 or even 30%. But even at 10%, that's a significant amount of our revenue. And what's really good about it is that for that 10% - the average order value is much higher than usual, and orders with bundles are much more profitable compared with non-bundle sales. So it's definitely been something that we're very happy we've rolled out, and we can continue promoting it even more.

Nala Sets Collection

Regarding the perfect customer experience for our clients, it is important for them to be able to find what they're looking for. And when you go to online stores these days - there's often too much information, it's too hard to find the way around, and it's overwhelming. We've tried to keep our system simple, so people can find the information they want but are not barraged with it. And our conversion rates are really high. And a part of it is to do with good products and good branding, but the other part is a simplified user experience, which is very important.

About MBC Bundes

Our agency spent a lot of time researching and looking for a bundling app, and they couldn't find anyone that could do the mix-and-match bundles we're offering. And I think you, guys, were the only option. Maybe they missed someone, but that was their recommendation, and we went with it.

In general, the MBC Bundles app gives you the flexibility that other solutions out there don't provide, and that allows you to get creative with your customer journey and experience. And so far, it's been a great experience for us, so I highly recommend it.

Nala Flossy Mesh Collection

Updated on: 23/03/2023

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