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Product Launch, Lower Performance Boosters, and Business-As-Usual Strategies by WIT Fitness

WIT Fitness: Fantastic results of using MBC Bundles just a bit more than two months since installation

We met with Louis Pastorino, an E-Commerce manager at WIT Fitness. He told us about their company and their values and shared great results of using an MBC Bundles app.

A short introduction to the Brand

WIT Fitness was founded in 2015 - it is an expert, global online multi-brand training retailer.
WIT caters to individuals who regularly participate in any form of physical activity, and we are focused on people who are committed to changing their lives through training. WIT aims to authenticate the product, brand, and training propositions within the training space. Together with the use of strategic partnerships, WIT offers a curated collection of products and brands to align with our goal of being an expert training retailer for all active individuals.

We want people to experience fitness in the WIT way. WIT offers a unique offering to the training community in that it has a thriving bricks-and-mortar store, gym space, and online store, which together facilitate and showcases authentic brand partnerships, products, and brands. We are physical retailers, gym owners, and online custodians. Our physical locations, be it permanent or pop-up, incorporate both retail and training facilities. We aim to provide the global consumer with the same experience across our online platforms as they will in our spaces, be that when purchasing products, following our training philosophy or seeking unique and engaging content relating to training.
At the moment there are two main markets - UK/Europe and the USA, but we do cater to most countries around the world.

MBC Bundles integration

Together with our Head of Trading, I will create strategic bundles in line with upcoming promotional activities or product launches.
While looking for a bundling app, we reviewed a lot of different providers, and we have actually used a few in the past, but we have never managed to find one that satisfied all our needs. MBC offers a variety of bundle types and styles and satisfies the majority of our requirements almost immediately. MBC is the best bundling provider we have used thus far.
We wanted something easy to use, that had a decent dashboard, was easy to integrate into the site, and then, talking about the functionality, just had every bundle that we could need.
So that was obviously difficult because we were finding a lot of apps, but they turned out to be half measures, so they could give us one kind of bundle, for example, buy one get one or 3 for 2, but not much more than that. But there were always limitations.
So when we found MBC Bundles, we chose to integrate with you because you can offer a variety of bundles, which are really easy to set up, have a high level of flexibility and granularity, and more so, just injects themselves into the website code very easily. Although some development work was needed, it was the most plug-and-play option we have used. Some work needed to be done, but its integration was very easy and smooth.
Talking about challenges, I think it was more from a technical point of view, setting the app up and integrating it with the website. Although it was easy, certain tweaks needed to be made. And I don't think that is something specific to MBC Bundles. As we know, that is with any third-party app that you bolt onto a website. So that is definitely not negative per se. Nothing. Nothing negative to report. There is just a learning curve in terms of testing different bundles, setting different kinds of bundles up, and just seeing what works and how it appears and looks on the website. But other than just learning what works and what doesn’t, I wouldn't say there were any major challenges or setbacks to getting things up and running.

What strategies do you use? Are you happy with the results MBC Bundles brings you?

The results are fantastic! For example, since integrating the app into the website, there was a particular style of T-shirt, and in that month, we sold just over 1000 of them through the bundle app alone. That's huge. Also, we have bundled our whipped branded socks with a lot of products, and their sales cover when we integrated them into the bundles after about two weeks halved. Where we had six months' worth of stock, after two weeks, we only had three months' worth of stock left.

Regarding the strategies, from our point of view, we use bundles in kind of three main ways.

Firstly, we use them for particular promotions, it might be a product launch or a particular marketing campaign.

It is kind of more than a traditional sense. So if we have a promotional campaign that we're running, we found it very useful to incorporate a bundle into that campaign. That does a variety of things like increase our AOV and units per transaction and so on, which is also really useful.

The second way, we use the bundles to boost products with lower performance metrics and increase their perceived value.

So we do have some products that have a high click-through rate but a low conversion now. There are a lot of factors that play into why that might be the case. But we have tested one assumption that we have made - that the product might not have enough value back to the customer. So we might need to add something to that product to get the customer over the line and actually make a purchase. So in that sense, we've taken the product with high click-through or impressions and low conversion rate and bundled it with a low-value item, which is a top seller, and discounting that product might just represent value enough to get the customer. I have found that that has helped. So I guess in that way, you could say the bundles just add more value to a slow-moving product.

And thirdly, we used bundles just in a business as usual (BAU) sense to activate the brand.

So an example would be, at the moment we run three T-shirts or three ladies' tanks for £65. This is a great way to increase units per transaction and actually get people buying more of the brand, and actually wearing the brand and activating it for us outside of the storefront.

WIT Fitness Bundles

WIT Fitness Bundles

Updated on: 05/07/2022

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